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The third of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm.

First broadcast 28 July 2012.

Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work.

track list

01 Datach'i - Evolving As One

02 The Kartuli Ensemble - Tsintsgaro

03 Johann Johannsson - The Flat

04 John Fahey - Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today (for Guitar Roberts)

05 Circle - Bakkis

06 Mobile Disco Unit - [untitled 'Music By Numbers' track A4]

07 THU20 - Derde Uni

08 Semiconductor - Yes You Are Right

09 Artificial Memory Trace - Trains Are Singing – 10ºC Belllow Ø

10 Divine Bear - Coldstream (for J M)

11 Mark Bradley - Another Place

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