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The 35th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm.

First broadcast 9 March 2013.

The playlist for this week’s show was put together while walking along a path suggested by the scientific paper, ‘The emergence of hierarchical structure in human language’.

Based on research by its authors, Shigeru Miyagawa, Robert C Berwick and Kazuo Okanoya, this describes how human language may have developed in part from the same evolutionary origins as birdsong.


Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work.

track list

01 Fedor Tau - Khoomei

02 Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville - Gamme de la Voix — Vocal Scale

03 Ghédalia Tazartes - Il regalo della befana -Part III [extract]

04 Atom Earth Mother - Believe in Me

05 Chris Watson - Lemon Rumped Tinkerbird

06 The Babenzélé Pygmies - Women Off to Gather Payu

07 Vasilii Khuurak - Imitation of Owl

08 :zoviet*france: - untitled ['Russian Heterodoxical Songs' track 5]

09 :zoviet*france: - untitled [February – March 1988 track 03]

10 Graham Dangerfield, Peter Scott - Superb Starling, Grey Hornbill

11 Singcircle / Gregory Rose - Stimmung, Model 1, Warming Up, Leading to Model 1 [Karlheinz Stockhausen]

12 Włodzimierz Borowski, Andrejz Mitan, Cezary Staniszewski, Tomasz Wilmanski - Ptaki 2

13 Huun-Huur-Tu - Fantasy on the Igil

14 [unknown sound recordist] - Lapwing Display Flight with Calls and Wingbeats

15 Ben Ponton - Mixing Mixing It

16 :zoviet*france: - Scene 2 [extract]

17 [unknown sound recordist] - Nightjar

18 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Willow Warbler Song, with Distant Cuckoo

19 :zoviet*france: - Angel's Pin Number

20 Sheila Chandra - Shehnai Song

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