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The 56th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm.

First broadcast 3 August 2013.

Our thanks go out to the artists included here for their fine work.

track list

01 Benboncan - Foyer Crowd

02 :zoviet*france: - untitled ['Russian Heterodoxical Songs' track 6]

03 Louis and Bebe Barron - Come Back to Earth with Me

04 Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - The Core

05 Flat Affect - Cleaving unto Silence

06 Hladowski & Joynes - The Wild Wild Berry

07 Silent Season - A Thousand Seagulls at Gartley Point Beach

08 Gescom - 'MC

09 Alan Lamb - Night Passage (Excerpt)

10 Artificial Memory Trace - Port-au-Port (Geophon_Episode 3: Newfoundland) [extract]

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