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The 72nd of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm.

***SPECIAL EDITION*** To mark the release of the new :zoviet*france: album, ‘The Tables Are Turning’, on Soleilmoon Recordings, this edition consists entirely of unreleased alternative versions and unused recordings from the album sessions 

First broadcast 23 November 2013.

track list

01 :zoviet*france: - Lost

02 :zoviet*france: - The Grit in the Clouds [v2]

03 :zoviet*france: - Moss Balls

04 :zoviet*france: - Sweeping Arbor Low [v1]

05 :zoviet*france: - If My Memory Left

06 :zoviet*france: - Tripped Starlings

07 :zoviet*france: - Gravilin

08 :zoviet*france: - Green Air [v1]

09 :zoviet*france: - A Longer Moment of Film

10 :zoviet*france: - Flam [v1]

11 :zoviet*france: - The Fire of Revolution [v4]

12 :zoviet*france: - Prophecy Loved a Child [v2]

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