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The 104th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm.

First broadcast 5 July 2014.

This is the first part of a three hour special edition marking the second anniversary of A Duck in a Tree. This edition exclusively features artists and field sound recordists from north east England, the home region of both :zoviet*france: and Basic.fm.

Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work, and to Stephen Collins for the original photo.

track list

01 The Four Plugs - Biking Girl [extract]

02 Jazzfinger - Dripping Metal Shelf

03 Atom Earth Mother - Roughtin Linn

04 The Hafler Trio - When the Door Is Open, Throw Away the Key

05 Simon Elliott - Otter - Adult pair (Canada Geese); Cub Begging and Adult Female Wickering

06 Cathode - Basic Assumption

07 418 - [untitled - ‘Deus est Homo’ track A7]

08 Popular Radiation - Wharf Chambers, 11May2014 [extract]

09 Rhodri Davies - Louder Than Mechanical Love Songs

10 Felss - Azure Blue Abdomen

11 The Alaska None - Stil Line with Cartridge

12 :zoviet*france: - The Bells Have Eyes

13 Devotionalhooligan - People Write Novels Because It's Dark Outside (Version)

14 Sex for Ollie - Widespread After

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