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The 104th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: forĀ Basic.fm.

First broadcast 5 July 2014.

This is the third part of a three hour special edition marking the second anniversary of A Duck in a Tree. This edition exclusively features artists and field sound recordists from north east England, the home region of both :zoviet*france: and Basic.fm.

Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work, and to Stephen Collins for the original photo.

track list

01 D_Rradio - Take It Outside

02 :zoviet*france: - Chalkboard

03 Divine Bear - But Ten Miles Inland

04 Geoff Sample - 20081226_Coldmartin_x1

05 Steve Legget - Harp

06 TransHuman - Indifferent Trains

07 Bennett Hogg - What Did You Find?

08 Basic House - Charity

09 Culver - [untitled] [extract]

10 Metgumbnerbone - [untitled - 'Ligeliahorn' track A2]

11 Richard Dawson - The Glass Trunk - VIII

12 Richard Dawson - The Glass Trunk - IX

13 Chris Watson - Starling Song

14 Marineville - Another Silent Wave

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