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The 132nd of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france:

First broadcast 17 January 2015 by Resonance 104.4 FM

Our thanks go out to the artists and the sound recordist included here for their fine work.

track list

1 Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - Respect for the Mechanism (Anatis Vers)

2 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard - Alto Recorder

3 Oberlin - On Tiptoe

4 City of Worms - Pacisyphus

5 Eigengrau - Landscape

6 NHK - Ch.4

7 Koenraad Ecker - Kreupelhout

8 Shane Morris - The Glistening Forest

9 Soundsofposad - Wood Burner Crackling

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