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The 412th of a series of weekly radio programmes created by :zoviet*france:
First broadcast 30 May 2020 by Resonance 104.4 FM, and CJMP 90.1 FM
Thanks to the artists included here for their fine work.
track list

00 Katja Institute  - Intro

01 Ali Sethi - Dil Jalaane Ki Baat

02 Wings of an Angel - Baptized by the Moon God on Rugged Haycock with a Bloody Little Skull Taken from the Most Recent Massacre in the Name of Sex-Starved Goddess Ishtar

03 Fintan O'Brien - Goldcrest – In Song

04 Louise Rossiter - Rift

05 Deison / John Duncan - Portal

06 Jared Sagar - Signatures & Fragments – Fragment III

07 Kris Force - Mountain Ash

++ Katja Institute - Outro



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