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The 452nd of a series of weekly radio programmes created by :zoviet*france:
First broadcast 6 March 2021 by Resonance 104.4 FM, and CJMP 90.1 FM
Thanks to the artists and sound recordist included here for their fine work.
track list

00 [anonymous] - Intro

01 Nunc Stans - Lost Memories

02 Zreen Toyz - We Walked Towards the Hills in the Distance Unsure of Their Height but We Expected to Reach Them by Nightfall (with Elizabeth Veldon)

03 Zreen Toyz - Krik Krok Exploration

04 Simon Whetham - Still Locked

05 Harry Bertoia - All and More

06 Sparkes & Thompson - Morning

07 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Bicycles – 1936 Raleigh Sports Model – Slow, Continuous Run on Gravel, Recorded on Bicycle

++ [anonymous] - Outro



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